Why you need a privacy policy on your website

A privacy policy is an easy and simple way to make sure users know where your organization stands with regards to selling information, privacy, and protection of any information you collect (such as through contact forms, or taking payments or donation). This is important from a legal standpoint so no visitor is misled or left completely in the dark about their privacy when visiting your site. It’s not a sexy feature of any website, but necessary, and an easy step to take.

I have used www.freeprivacypolicy.com for this website, and I would recommend that site for yours if you’re after a free and simple one. It takes about 10 minutes to answer the questions, retrieve the policy they generated for you, copy and paste it into a word doc, and then add it as a media file and place a link to that file in a footer widget or somewhere similar. Your link to it should have the word ‘privacy’ in it, and should be easily accessible from the first page people land on when they navigate to your site.


prvacy policy 7.png

If you put your privacy policy in a link in a footer widget, it will be easily accessible in the footer of every page on your site.

Here is a good post from the WordPress forum for adding media link in HTML. You will need this advice if you put it in a footer widget, like I did on this site.


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