Complex Tasks

Menus – The easiest and quickest way for visitors to navigate around your site.

Widgets – Where certain content is placed that can be repeated over several pages.

Completing tasks using WordPress plugins –  Mini bits of software that can be added to your WordPress interface to do things that WordPress alone does not.

Creating forms to take information – Contact forms, event registration, simple payments, subscribing to e-newsletters, etc.

Using information collected through forms – Such as email lists, event registrations, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – How to get your site noticed and increase visits, and be easier to find.

Adding recent blog posts to your page – So site visitors have easier access to your latest blog posts.

Fitting your site to phones, tablets, and different screen sizes – An important thing to double check to ensure all users get a pleasant web experience.

Changing the theme of your website – Your theme is the signature look of your website. It’s important to refresh your look maybe every couple of years or so to renew interest in your web presence.

Adding a discussion forum – A good way for your visitors to engage in active discussion with each other or with you in an open manner.

Privacy Policy – An easy and simple way to make sure users know where your organization stands with regards to selling information, and privacy and protection of any information you collect (such as through contact forms, or taking payments or donation).


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