Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer (or constituent, for nonprofits) Relationship Management (CRM) such as SalesForce is an important tool in maintaining your relationship with key partners in your organization such as volunteers, sponsors, and most importantly: your donors.

CRM as a software can manage all of your donor contact info, how often and recently they donated, and how much, as well as other organizational practices, and put it all into one easily accessible place or program, and can even become automated to further ease the management of your donors. CRM can also meet requests for information from constituents or potential donors.

Here is an in-depth article from The Connected Cause about CRM and what it means to the Presidents of some of the biggest nonprofits.

The downside to CRM is that it is a lot more cumbersome and expensive to implement into your organization’s activities. A lot of research is needed and as well as a detailed cost/benefit analysis to determine if going this route is right for your organization. It’s also less on the web presence side of things; CRM is present throughout most organizational activities and will need to be adopted by nearly all of your directors, employees, and volunteers to be integrated successfully.

Additional Videos:

What is SalesForce CRM?

Thanks to for the Video!

What is CRM?

Thanks to Intelestream for the video!

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