Facebook is the most important and most populated social media platform for any organization to be a part of. You can post updates, photos, photo albums, videos, make events, and promote your page, post, or event with advertisements. A Facebook page for your charity is an absolute must-have, mainly because of the sheer size of the user base, and that it doesn’t mainly pertain to a single demographic, there is an extremely wide variety of people that you can reach, as well as other charities and organizations.


facebook 4.png

Here’s an example of a certain charity’s Facebook page.


Once you have set up a page for your charity, you will get a widget like the one below in your personal Facebook home screen. You can also have multiple people as admins that control your page.

Facebook 4

Your first resource when starting up a Facebook page for your nonprofit is from facebook itself: www.nonprofits.fb.com. Their website has five main areas:

  1. Learn the Basics – Creating and enhancing your own page, posting to your page, getting people to like your page, and creating a strategy for your page
  2. Raise Awareness – Grabbing people’s attention and strengthening relationships
  3. Activate Supporters – Ask people to speak out, get people to show up, and inspiring people to lead
  4. Raise Funds – Discover fundraising tools, raise money on your Facebook page, activating supporters to fund raise, and giving guides to users.
  5. Reaching users with ads – Why, how much to spend, success metrics and everything.

Additional Resources:

Managing marketing content for your nonprofit:

Thanks to WholeWhale for the video!

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