Discussion Forums

A discussion forum is a good way for your visitors to engage in active discussion with each other. They aren’t always necessary but can be useful as another avenue of¬†receiving feedback and hearing the opinions of your visitors. If you want to start to appeal to more people or offer additional features to your visitors or clients, you should consider adding a forum. Here is a detailed explanation from wpmudev on what forums can be used for, and why they are so useful.

To start, I would suggest installing the plugin ‘bbPress.’ There are other options if this one doesn’t appeal to you. Click ‘plugins’ then ‘Add New.’ Search for bbPress, then install and activate it. After that, you should see ‘Forums’ along the side of your main dashboard menu.

Forums 1

From there, click ‘New Forum’ to begin your first forum. You’ll want to name it. For this example. you’ll see I just named this one ‘Test Forum.’ You can customize the page as much as you want with descriptions, SEO keywords, and formatting, and then press publish when you are ready.

forums 2.png

To make it accessible to your visitors, I would recommend placing a link to your forum in your main menu. To do that, you need to click ‘Appearance’ then ‘Menus’

forums 3

From the Menus dashboard, ensure you are editing your main menu at the top. Then find ‘Forums’ on the drop down box on the left side, select your new forum, then click the ‘Add to Menu’ button. It will then show up in the menu somewhere. You can see in the picture below that it showed up in the bottom of my menu.

Forum 4.png

From here, you can click and drag it to wherever you’d like to put it. Remember to save your changed by pressing the blue button at the top, and that’s it!

Additional video:

Thanks to Tech Tiger for the video!

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