Hyperlinking is a useful tool and a must-include when building your website. It not only makes your site more user-friendly and easier for your visitors to view more pages and therefore have a fuller experience, but including hyperlinks to other pages and sites is also a Search Engine Optimization tool that will boost your page in results, further bettering your chances at more visitors, more donations, and more volunteers!

Step 1: Highlight and copy the URL of the page you want to link to

hyperlink 1

Step 2: click on your page where you want to insert the link

or highlight the text that you want to be clickable, click ‘Insert/edit’ hyperlink from the toolbar. you can either paste the URL you copied in step 1, or you can select a separate page or blog post from your site. For this example, I linked the sentence to Youtube. You can choose another page on your site from the list below if you want to do that instead.

hyperlink 2

Step 3: finish the operation!

Hyperlink 3

You can see that our link is now a different colour than the regular text, and redirects the visitor toward http://www.youtube.com if they click it.


Additional Video:

Thanks to Learn How Today for the Video!

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