Instagram is a social media website where an organization or individual can post photos, slideshows, live videos, boomerang videos, and standard videos, all with descriptions. Having an account on Instagram is slightly less important that Facebook, for example, as there are fewer users than Facebook, and advertising on it is less lucrative.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have an account, though! Instagram appears to still be on the rise; its number of mobile users have now passed that of Twitter. Instagram is a great way to reach out and provide simple and quick updates for a young userbase that needs varied content.


instagram 2.png

This is an example Instagram account for a charity. This is Best Friends Animal Society, my personal favourite on Instagram.

According to Nonprofit Tech For Good, the five best practices for nonprofits on Instagram are:

1. Use Instagram to Report Live – When reporting live from the field or from events and conferences, your media manager should be adept at using Instagram to capture moments and events in real-time through photos and video. Always include a short caption, and like other social networks, inspirational quotes and powerful stats significantly increase engagement.

2. Share Screenshots of Photos a.k.a. Regram – Using the screenshot function on your smartphone, you can add images to your smartphone’s photo library that can then be shared on Instagram. When using images from others, be sure to tag them if they have a presence on Instagram using the “Add People” function.

3. Add Hashtags to Captions, and Like the Photos of Others – Nonprofits that consistently use hashtags on Instagram have twice as many followers as those that don’t. Instagram users regularly monitor hashtags, thus enabling your nonprofit to gain more exposure to potential new followers. In addition to your event and cause awareness campaign hashtags, your nonprofit should also monitor and use the hashtags that are most popular on Instagram.

4. Use Third-Party Instagram Apps – There are number of third-party Instagram apps worth experimenting with. In addition to Slidagram and Flipagram, your nonprofit should explore Statigram for tracking your Instagram analytics. You can also use Pic Stitch to create collages of your Instagram images and Pixlr-o-matic for advanced photo editing.

5. Share at Least One Image Daily – Instagram images and video have peak activity during the first four hours after sharing, so to be consistently active, you need to post twice daily. If you cannot be active that often, then sharing one image or video daily is enough activity to build a following slowly but surely over time.

Additional Information:

Here is a good article from Facebook Insights about the differences between Facebook and Instagram.


Thanks to Engage Target Media for the video!

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