Adding Media

Adding media to your pages is absolutely crucial – it can make or break the success of your site! No one wants to read a wall of text on every page they visit, nor do they want meaningless photos or videos with no description or explanation. Media on your pages is also a big plus for Search Engine Optimization.

Step 1: 

You’ll need to add the media you want to place in your page added to the media folder in your site. If it’s a document, it should be a .PDF. If it’s a photo, it should be a .jpeg or similar format. If it’s a video, all you need the video URL. Click ‘Media’ from your dashboard, then ‘Add New,’ then drag your media into the square, or select it from a file on your computer.

Media 3

Here you can see the two pictures above in my media folder. You can also see that I also have older .PDF documents in there as well.

Step 2: 

If you are adding a document, click where you want to insert the link to it, then press ‘Add Media,’ find your document, and click insert. Click where you’d like to insert your photo, again press ‘Add Media,’ and it will appear on your page. If it’s a video, simply paste the URL on the page and that’s it!

Step 3:

Using our tutorial page as an example, you may need to resize or move your picture. It can be clicked and dragged, or stretched, or formatted like a paragraph with centering, etc.

Media 6.png

Additional Information:

WordPress’s explanation on embedding videos

Video demonstration of step 1 –

Thanks to Learn How Today for the demonstration!

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