Menus are the simplest and fastest way for visitors to navigate your site. You can have multiple menus, and multiple formats, but one constant always must remain the same: your menu must be separated into logical and easy-to-find categories, and it cannot be too crowded.

First, start by heading to ‘Menus’ by hovering over the ‘Appearance’ tab in your dashboard.

Menus 1.png

From here, you can choose to insert pages, blogs, forums, or posts into your menu. I would recommend always keeping a button in your menu that takes visitors back to your homepage, either on the left if it’s a horizontal menu, or at the top if it’s a vertical menu.

menu 2.png

This is a typical menu structure for a horizontal primary menu. Notice that ‘FAQ’ is a child (drop-down option) of ‘About.’ ‘Events’ is also a parent to three children buttons in a drop-down sub-menu.

You can also easily change the order of your menu by clicking and dragging your buttons in the ‘Menu Structure’ area, which is the big red box in the picture above. If you want a lot of buttons and don’t have enough room, and easy solution to group them into drop-down boxes to give your visitors more options. These drop-down buttons are called children. Make sure that what drops down from your original (or parent) buttons are relevant to them. Once you’ve got your menu prepared, set it as your primary navigation menu (if it’s the one you want to be displayed along the top or side of every page) and click ‘Save Menu’ at the bottom.

menu 3

Be sure to test how your menu looks by making your browser tab narrower. This shows it from the perspective of a smaller computer screen. If you have too many buttons and it stacks too easily, you may want to consider having fewer parent buttons and more children buttons.

menu 4.png

Before: this is with my tab at full width. It looks as intended.

menu 5

After: this is what the responsive menu now looks like when the tab is narrower.

Additional Video:

How to add a navigation menu to your WordPress site:

Thanks to Technologyguru for the video!

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