Password Protection

Protecting a page with a password is handy if you only want a certain visitor or group of visitors to visit a page or see certain information. You will need to provide this user with the password they need through another medium. This is not the be-all-end-all in internet security, so do not put too much trust in this option by putting a bunch of super classified, earth-shattering information behind only this password protection. For example, I use this feature on my site for director information, such as meeting times and minutes/agendas, but I will keep personal information such as donors or beneficiaries stored elsewhere.

Step 1: On the right side of your page options, under ‘Publish,’ you will want to edit the visibility.

passwording 1

Step 2: Choose to protect your page with a password, choose a password, click ‘OK,’ and then click ‘Update’ to publish your change.

Passwording 3

That’s it! Here’s roughly what it will look like when you try to access the page.

passwording 2

Video Walkthrough:

Thanks to eMedia Coach for the video!

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