PayPal is a must-have for charities because it provides an easy, secure, and trusted way for people to give money. An additional reason for using PayPal to receive donations is because they have a slight discount for charities, and it eliminates the need to have secure hosting and the extra considerations needed when taking payment information yourself.

Donations 1

Giving your visitors the option to donate electronically on your homepage (or every page, in a sidebar widget such as this) is a key factor for Nonprofits looking to increase their donations from other sources.

The picture above shows a button that redirects to our PayPal donation page. This button is placed within our homepage widget as well as our blog and regular page sidebar. When your donation redirect buttons are placed inside widgets, it is easy to replicate them on each new page you have, meaning there will be more opportunity for your visitors to donate. To get to it, we will have to go back to our widgets page.

Displaying recent posts 2

From here, we have to decide where to put the PayPal donate button. For my page, I put it in the ‘Home Bottom Right’ widget under the contact us header. This is unfortunately where it gets a bit complicated. You will have to upload a picture of the Paypal button to your media, insert the shortcode found on the media page for it into the widget, as well as the code that links clicking on the picture to the URL you want (your PayPal account payment page). When I did this, it was a combination of a google search to find the code to do this that I then copy/pasted into my widget, and a video like the second one down below (which shows an alternate way to do this, using a plugin).

Paypal 2

Additional Videos:

How to setup a PayPal for nonprofit account:

Thanks to Internet Services Tutorials for the video!

Adding a PayPal button to your WordPress site using plugins instead of widget+code:

Thanks to Let’s Build WordPress for the video!

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