Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love. Pinterest is another platform to share media, but with a nearly 85% female user base. If your organization fills a need that caters more to women, this may be a good step for you to take.

pinterest for nonprofits

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Instead of print material, you draw inspiration from the web – primarily images and video (and recently, slideshows and audio, per Jason Miles of Marketing on Pinterest) from websites you frequent. Check out this article from CauseVox that describes Pinterest for nonprofits here. Additionally, check out the following excerpt from

“They say that pictures speak louder than words and this is what Pinterest has proven. This photo sharing website that uses a pin board-style layout has been added to the list of popular social networking channels. It has even been recorded that Pinterest drives more traffic than Twitter does which is something that businesses would love to know.

As for your nonprofit, being a part of Pinterest is a good move to let users view photos of your organization. You can upload pins related to your past or current activities. Images that would show how volunteers help for a cause could encourage others to take part too. Add up different boards and share pins that will make your fundraising activities more engaging and interesting.

You can create specific boards for your upcoming campaigns. Label each according to the cause or name of your activity, and then include creative photos of the event. If you’re hosting a photo or art contest, then you can do the same thing.”

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Thanks to HomeASAP for the video!

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