Plugins are essentially separate software add-ons for WordPress that are designed to work inside of WordPress, and add value or efficiency to your site in some way. They are another critical aspect of WordPress’ usefulness to you; there is an incredible variety of plugins available, either paid or free, both good and bad.

For this tutorial, I want to find a plugin that will help ensure my site is loading quickly enough (this is very important: if it loads slowly, visitors often won’t stay at all). To find out what a good plugin that accomplishes this task is, I usually resort to a trusty ‘ol google search.

plugins 3

Cool. Tons of options. I looked at a couple of reviews and decided to go with WP Fastest Cache.


Now we want to find it in WordPress, so we can install it and start using it. To start with your plugins, hover over ‘Plugins,’ then click ‘Installed Plugins’ (or Add New, it doesn’t really matter).

plugins 1

The picture below is our plugins dashboard. Along the top you will see information about plugins you currently have installed, as well as a button to add a new one if you want.

plug ins 2.png

From ‘Add New,’ search for the plugin you’re after, and if you know the name, it should be the first to appear. If not, just use a keyword! Once you’ve found it, click ‘Install Now.’ After it is installed, you’ll want to activate it so that it can be put to use.

plugins 4.png

Once it has been activated, you should be able to find your fancy new plugin on either your dashboard menu or your installed plugins page that was referred to earlier. Click on it, explore it, and enjoy the improvements to your site!

plugins 5

Additional Resources:

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Thanks to ODi Productions for the video!

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