Displaying Recent Posts


Displaying recent posts on your website is a great way to increase the amount of time that visitors spend on your site, how much value they receive from it, how much ad revenue you get if you are advertising, as well as providing a greater reach of your mission and what you do.

Displaying recent posts 2

Displaying recent posts can be done easily by including a ‘display recent posts’ widget in your theme. You can choose where to include it: on the homepage, on regular pages, blogs, posts, whether it’s in the sidebar, which side the sidebar is on, etc. You could even place them on every kind of page you have!

recent posts 3

Search your available widgets for the ‘Recent Posts’ widget, and then decided where you want it. Remember, you can place it in multiple spots!

You can choose how many recent posts you want to include in your widget, how much information is shown such as date posted or thumbnail photo, or even the size of the text percentage of the post to be included.

Recent posts 4

After you’ve placed it in your widget, you can then edit titles and details.


Displaying recent posts 1

This is what it looks like in a basic form: 5 most recent posts, no thumbnail, just the title of the post. It is inserted into the ‘home main content’ widget section here.

Additional Video:

Thanks to WP Beginner for the video!


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