Taking Donations

PayPal – a must-have for charities because it provides an easy, secure, and trusted way for people to give money.

CanadaHelps.org – CanadaHelps.org is a Canadian organization that makes it easy for people to donate to Canadian organizations. If you register your organization here, people can search for causes like yours, find you, and easily donate once or according to a schedule. CanadaHelps.org also handles charitable donations receipts for you.

Chimp.net – Chimp.net operates as a Donor Advised Fund, and exists to facilitate gifts to other registered charities (referred to as “qualified donees”) and to grow the culture of charity in Canada.

Text-to-Donate – a simple way for people to donate, ‘Text DONATE to 12345 to support us.’

Through your website – offering users the option of donating directly through your site takes an extra step out of the process, making it a quicker and often more attractive way for the user to give you their money.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – manage all of your donor contact info, how often and recently they donated, and how much, as well as other organizational practices, and put it all into one easily accessible place or program.

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