Text-to-donate is not a strategy. Text-to-donate is a channel of delivery, i.e. one tool in a box full of various tools that are all needed to build one thing. You’ve seen it hundreds of times before: ‘Text DONATE to 12345 to give.’ Setting up a campaign that gives people an easy way to just text a single word to a shortened phone number is a good way to create revenue in a passive way. It can be set up once, your tagline ‘TEXT XXXXX TO 12345 TO GIVE’ can be plastered everywhere possible, and your organization can carry on with its daily activities and foreground donation campaigns.


mobile giving.png

mobilegiving.ca is the best place to start for a charity in Canada looking into using a text-to-donate campaign.


Here is a wonderful article from TechSoup Canada describing the text-to-donate movement:

“Text-to-donate in Canada is made possible through the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada (MGFC), a registered charity whose purpose it is to enable text message donations for the benefit of other registered charities in Canada. Text-to-donate is only possible through the strategic partnerships that MGFC has established with:

  • the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association;
  • the Mobile Giving Foundation U.S.;
  • the Canadian Wireless Operators;
  • and the charitable organizations and qualified donees running mobile giving campaigns.

There are four components of every mobile giving campaign. The previously noted call to action contains all of the required elements: an 8 character maximum keyword (REDCROSS), a short code (30333), a dollar amount ($5), and a beneficiary charity (The Canadian Red Cross). Text message donations are available in the amount of $5 or $10 as a one-time tax exempt charitable gift. They will appear on your mobile phone bill or will be deducted from your prepaid balance. One can make multiple text donations up to $30 per mobile number, per short code number, per month.”

Additional Resources:

Thanks to SMSmarketing101 for the video!

Thanks to Maggie Brown for the information!

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