Your theme is the signature look, or style, of your website. It’s important to refresh your look maybe every couple of years or so to renew interest in your web presence – when this time comes, WordPress actually makes it a lot easier than it may seem. It doesn’t always need to be a drastic change, but maybe something that catches just enough attention to give the visitor a rejuvenated feel. First, hover over ‘Appearance,’ then click ‘Theme.’ If want to code in your own CSS changes to the theme, click ‘Editor’ here instead. This is tough to get right though, and I would only suggest it if you have experience with this.

theme change 1

You are then taken to this screen, where you can customize your currently active theme, explore other themes you have, or add/install completely new themes!

Theme change 2

I use Genesis to further customize my theme. The current one I have on the demo site here is called ‘Nancy.’ She’s pretty cool. One thing to note is that the customizable parts of each theme change with the theme, so the page where you customize your theme may look a little different than mine. Since I can’t possibly demo every theme, you need to just explore yours. Change things, update it, reload your site, and then find the change you made and how it looks.

Theme change 3

Additional Information:

How to switch themes on your site:

Thanks to WP Beginner for the video!

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