Is something not appearing how you want it to, or how you think it should be? Are you experiencing user interface issues that are causing malfunctions? Well, good news! It’s probably not your fault.

Step 1: Update your site, WordPress version, plug-in version, etc.

Just update every piece of software relating to your site possible. New versions of software are released often that are designed to fix bugs, or older versions don’t work well with certain other versions of software. Updating everything is quick and easy to do, and often fixes bugs.

troubleshooting 1

Green box: where to find updates. Red box: alternative route to updating widgets

troubleshooting 2

Red box: click here to see what can be updated. Green box: click here to update. Blue box: click here to deactivate to try and diagnose the issue.

Sometimes, certain plug-ins or versions of plug-ins simply won’t work with another. If two or more aspects of your page aren’t interacting with each other how you would expect, try disabling relevant plug-ins, saving your work on the page, and viewing the page to see if your issue has been resolved. If you disable a plug-in and resolve your issue, you should look for an alternative plug-in to install in its place, or make do without it.

Step 2: Google your problem.

I can almost guarantee that you aren’t the first person to experience a problem that you are. If updating did not fix the issue, describe what happened in a google search, and there is almost always a forum post with a fix. Occasionally some solutions you may find are complicated and tough to implement if you aren’t intimately familiar with WordPress, so if you’ve found an answer you cannot implement, then this step ties in with step 3.


Troubleshooting 3

The first result with a search like this is almost always a helpful forum.


Step 3: Contact your host/site developer.

I have brought issues I couldn’t solve to the company that does our site hosting/original development, and they knew what to do right away. Providing them with any solutions you found in step 2 but couldn’t implement will also speed up the process.

Additional video:

Thanks to Greg Friday for the demonstration!

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