Twitter is a social media platform that specializes is quicker and smaller content updates than Facebook and usually Instagram. Posts must be less than 140 characters, and videos and photos may be attached. It is a great way to get attention in a news format, along with the post-sharing idea that Facebook revolutionized.

twitter 1.png

Here is an example of the dashboard of your Twitter page: you can see that Twitter offer ads and options to increase your reach.

Here is a page developed by Twitter that explains its purpose, how to get started, and what to do.

There are six main points to their help page:

  1. Signing up
  2. Tweeting
  3. Discovering Tweets
  4. Personalizing and customizing your Twitter experience
  5. Direct Messages
  6. Searches

Here is a great article from Nonprofit Tech for Good that discusses 10 best practices for nonprofits using Twitter. They are:

  1. Give your followers useful, interesting, retweetable content.
  2. Write tweets in clear, concise language – no abbreviations and always use proper punctuation.
  3. Curate good content through retweets.
  4. Tweet or retweet 2-8 times daily spread throughout the day.
  5. Tweet on the weekends.
  6. Always include a link in your tweets.
  7. Upload properly sized photos and infographics.
  8. #Don’t be a #hashtag #spammer.
  9. Create custom images for statistics and quotes.
  10. Get to know your Twitter Analytics Dashboard.

Additional Resources:

How to use Twitter for business:

Thanks to Garrett Barry for the video!

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