Using Form Data

Setting up your forms and having them on your page is one thing, but they are meaningless without knowing how to extract and utilize the information you’ve collected. There are several ways in which collected information can be useful to you; by far the most common is to expand your database of contacts, for donations or volunteers, for example. The MailChimp tutorial video in the additional information is a good explanation of this. MailChimp is a plugin that makes sending e-newsletters and other automated emails to people who submit a form with their email super easy.

Another good use of the information collected through forms is the for event registrations, for example. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to extract an easy-to-read excel file of all entries in a form. To start, hover over ‘Forms’ on your dashboard menu, then click ‘Entries.’

using info 1

From there, you are brought to a form’s entries. You can select which form’s entries you are viewing at the top.


using info 2.png

Most of this screenshot appears empty because it had personal info on it that I had to cover up. Sorry.


Side note: from here, you can also access ‘Form Settings.’ This is where you would access MailChimp and PayPal (or any other form plugin that you’re using) settings within your form. 

Using info 3

Okay, I mislead you a little. This is not where you turn your entries into an excel file. But that’s okay, I got to display where you would access your other form plugin information, so I’m going to keep it up. Where we actually want to go is ‘Import/Export’ from the ‘Forms’ section on the main dashboard.

Forms 4

From here, double check you’re on ‘Export Entries’ (or ‘Export Forms,’ if that’s what you’re after) then make sure you have selected the form that you want to take information from, and then select all the fields that you want exported to excel.

Fiorms 5

Once you have selected all the fields that you’d like to appear on your exported excel file, click ‘Download Export File’ at the bottom. It will download through your browser, and then you’re good to go!

Forms 6

Additional Information:

MailChimp tutorial: Mail chimp is a plugin that collects emails collected through forms, and makes mass emails (such as registration confirmations or e-newsletter sign-ups) easy and targeted only to the people who want it.

Thanks to Armand Gilbert for the video!


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