Widgets are an incredibly useful tool for completing tasks on your site. There is a wide variety of widgets, where you can place them, what each one can do, and what each one can look like.

Below is an example of widgets (this is a homepage, not regular page content). The red box is our ‘Home Main Content’ widget, the blue box is our ‘Home Sidebar’ widget, and the green box is our ‘Home Bottom Left’ widget. The home sidebar widget is most often replicated so that similar content shows up across all sidebars, meaning regular page and blog post sidebars.

widgets 5.png

To navigate to view your widgets, hover over ‘Appearances,’ then click ‘Widgets.’

Displaying recent posts 2

From there, you will come to the main page where you will add/edit/delete your widgets. The red box outlines the different kinds of widgets available to use, and the green box displays where you have placed these widgets. Within the green box, you can click on them to enlarge them, then edit information within them to change and update them.

Widgets 1

Additional Resources:

Video: 25 Most useful WP widgets for your site –

Thanks to WP Beginner for the video!

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