YouTube is the most widely used video-sharing platform on earth. By just uploading your own video on this platform, online viewers can watch what you wish to share. People can also vote if they like your post and the number of viewers will be recorded. Countless nonprofits have already used this site to be known by many, and some even gained success in delivering their message online like Big Brothers Big Sisters and March of Dimes. YouTube has also recently rolled out a program for nonprofits, you can explore more about it here.


youtube for nonprofits 2


Hopefully, you have heard of YouTube, but if not, check out this excerpt describing YouTube from

“Upload a video on your latest charitable works and let YouTube users be inspired. Speak to them on what your nonprofit organization’s all about through the video. Make them feel that acting as a volunteer or donor is a job that will benefit those who are in need.

Being a part of something that easily connects you with a lot of people is a great move to let your nonprofit’s voice be heard. With the help of social media websites like the ones shared here, you won’t have a hard time communicating and even gaining the people that will support your mission of helping others.”

While YouTube is a great way for you to host and share videos, it is also time-consuming in that creating a well-made and edited video that is attractive to the common user. Of course, just a compilation of clips from a regular camera at a fundraiser, or a series of photos with music is simple but often comes across as cheesy. So unless you have someone skilled in filming and editing on your board, as an employee, or on your volunteer team, it will be difficult to regularly produce videos worthy of recognition and shares.

Additional Resources:

Tips on starting a successful YouTube channel:

Thanks to SuperSaf TV for the video!

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